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Serial No. No. Name Closing Date
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170218 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170218 Tender Announcement Purchase Spare Parts and Positioner for Control Valve 7/02/2018
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170187-1 Tender Re-Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170187-1 Tender Re-Announcement PURCHASE 3 TIPPER TRUCK 4/01/2018
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170168-1 Tender Re-Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170168-1 Tender Re-Announcement ESP EQUIPMENT AND ASSOCIATED SERVICE PURCHASE 3/01/2018
Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170188 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170188 Provide Personal Protective Equipment 27/12/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170171 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170171 Tender Announcement WATER INJECTION PUMPS 28/01/2018
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170197 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170197 Tender Announcement Purchase Instrument Air Dryer for DGS 25/12/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170192 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170192 Tender Announcement 2000 Cubic Meters of Demulsifier for Crude Oil Treatment 5/12/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170187 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170187 Tender Announcement PURCHASE 3 TIPPER TRUCK 26/11/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170190 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170190 Tender Announcement Tubing , Pup Joint, and Perforated Pipe Purchase 16/11/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170168 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170168 Tender Announcement ESP EQUIPMENT AND ASSOCIATED SERVICE PURCHASE 29/11/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170122-1 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170122-1 Tender Announcement HR OUTSOURCING SERVICES 9/11/2017
Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170162 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170162 ESP CABLE CLAMP PURCHASES FOR 30 WELLS
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170157 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170157 Tender Announcement COMPLETION TOOLS FOR ESP PRODUCTION WELLS 9/10/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170091-1 CMIT-PRT-10.30-170091-1 Tender Re-Announcement Purchase of Armored Vehicles 20/08/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-160130-1 Tender Re-Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-160130-1 Tender Re-Announcement Vehicle Leasing 18/07/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-160108-2 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-160108-2 Tender Announcement SPARE PARTS PURCHASE FOR PRDC EQUIPMENT 20/07/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170057-1 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170057-1 Tender Announcement Flowmeters for Water Injection Facility Project 11/07/2017
Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170102 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170102 Material purchase of Laptop, Hard Drive, Memory Stick, and Monitor 5/07/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-160065-1 BULLETIN No. 2 CMIT-PRT-10.30-160065-1 BULLETIN No. 2 Analysis Equipment Renew By MOC
CMIT-PRT-10.30-160113-1 Tender Re-announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-160113-1 Tender Re-announcement Material purchase agreement for Cartridge and office supply 12/06/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170091 Purchase of Armored Vehicles CMIT-PRT-10.30-170091 Purchase of Armored Vehicles Purchase of Armored Vehicles 8/06/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170077Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170077Tender Announcement PURCHASE ELECTRICAL CRUDE OIL PUMP FOR DGS. 12/06/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170065 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170065 Tender Announcement Chemical Materials for Water Treatment Plant 20/06/2017
CMIT-CPD-10.30-170081 Tender Announcement CMIT-CPD-10.30-170081 Tender Announcement Motorola TETRA Portable Terminals for BUT 31/05/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170061 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170061 Tender Announcement Long Term Supply of Lubricant 23/05/2017