Serial No. No. Name Closing Date
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190050 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-190050 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-190050 Tender Announcement 9/06/2019
CILD-PRT-10.30-190066 Internal Control Consulting Services CILD-PRT-10.30-190066 Tender Announcement Internal Control Consulting Services 28/05/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190025-1 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190025-1 Tender Re-Announcement Doctor Service 1/05/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190052 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190052 Tender Announcement LAGOON OLD BRIDGE REBUILD 6/05/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190040 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190040 Tender Announcement WELLHEAD AND X-MASS TREE SERVICE 30/04/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-180095-2 CMIT-PRT-10.30-180095-2 Tender Announcement Purchase Five Years Control System Maintenance Service 14/04/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190049 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190049 Tender Announcement Production Operation Service for DGS 25/04/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190033 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190033 Tender Announcement Catering Service for FOD Iraqi Employees 6/05/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190014-1 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190014-1 Tender Re-announcement Water Network and Material Supply in Amarah City 18/04/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190030 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190030 Tender Announcement INTEGRATED CAMP AND CATERING SERVICES 28/04/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190025 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190025 Tender Announcement Doctor Service 2/04/2019
CILD-PRT-10.30-190024 CILD-PRT-10.30-190024 Tender Announcement Legal Services 18/03/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190015 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190015 Tender Announcement Electrical Projects in Amarah City 25/03/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190012 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190012 TenderAnnouncement FOUR STORAGE TANKS MAINTENANCE PROJECT 3/04/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190016 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190016 Tender Announcement Oilfield Underground Pipelines Detection, Route Survey and Markers Installation 14/03/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190014 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190014 Tender Announcement Water Network and Material Supply in Amarah City 27/02/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-180165 CMIT-PRT-10.30-180165 Tender Announcement Two Schools in Amarah 27/02/2019
CILD-PRT-10.30-180262-1 CILD-PRT-10.30-180262-1 Tender Re- Announcement Master Services for Travel Management 14/02/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-180131 CMIT-PRT-10.30-180131 Tender Announcement DRILLING RIG AND ASSOCIATED SERVICES FOR THE 4th TWENTY-TWO (22) WELLS 6/03/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-190007 CMIT-PRT-10.30-190007 Tender Announcement PMC for Infrastructure Construction Projects 24/02/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-180244 CMIT-PRT-10.30-180244 Tender Announcement Motorola Base Station Expansion 14/02/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-180209-1 CMIT-PRT-10.30-180209-1 Tender Re-Announcement Training Lab Equipment 6/02/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-180266 CMIT-PRT-10.30-180266 Tender Announcement ESP Power Connection Phase III Project 13/02/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-180270 CMIT-PRT-10.30-180270 Tender Announcement EPCC FOR WATER PIPELINE FROM MUSHARRAH PUMP STATION TO BUT 28/02/2019
CMIT-PRT-10.30-180240 CMIT-PRT-10.30-180240 Tender Announcement EPC for New Wash Water Tank 26/01/2019