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Serial No. No. Name Closing Date
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170134-1 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170134-1 Tender Announcement BOYS AND GIRLS SCHOOLS REBUILD IN AL MUSHARRAH 2/11/2017
Tender Re-Announcement CMIT-FCD-10.30-170136-1 Tender Re-Announcement CMIT-FCD-10.30-170136-1 Security Facilities Construction and Maintenance 29/10/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170139-1 Tender Re-Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170139-1 Tender Re-Announcement CONSULTING SERVICE FOR RELATED COMPLETION AND WORKOVER ISSUES 18/10/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170146-1 Tender Re-Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170146-1 Tender Re-Announcement BASRA AIRPORT COORDINATION SERVICES 10/10/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170040-1 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170040-1 Tender Announcement BUT and Workbase Wireless Broadband Communication Network 9/10/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170160 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170160 Tender Announcement Drilling Rig and Associated Services for Twenty-Two (22) Wells 26/10/2017
170129 CMIT-PRT-10.30-170129 PURCHASE OF 3000 M3 WATER TREATMENT SKID (EPC) 24/09/2017
170136 CMIT-FCD-10.30-170136 Security Facilities Construction and Maintenance 14/09/2017
170143 CMIT-PRT-10.30-170143 Training Service for Year 2017 and 2018 21/09/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170146 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170146 Tender Announcement BASRA AIRPORT COORDINATION SERVICES 10/09/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170134 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170134 Tender Announcement BOYS AND GIRLS SCHOOLS REBUILD IN AL MUSHARRAH 27/08/2017
CMIT-FCD-10.30-170083-1 Tender Announcement CMIT-FCD-10.30-170083-1 Tender Announcement Construction of 2*2.5MW Diesel Generators 5/09/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170141 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170141 Tender Announcement ESP ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT LEASE SERVICE FOR WATER SOURCE WELLS 22/08/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170107-1 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170107-1 Tender Announcement Satellite Service between Beijing And Missan 16/08/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170002-2 Tender Re-Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170002-2 Tender Re-Announcement Long Term Procurement Document Transportation 20/08/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170122 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170122 Tender Announcement HR OUTSOURCING SERVICES 16/08/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170099Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170099Tender Announcement Power Supply For 53 ESP By 33kV OHTL 15/08/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170115 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170115 Tender Announcement AL-MUSHARRAH SEWER NETWORK EXTENSION 3/08/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170121 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170121 Tender Announcement Various Road Build and Maintenance 3/08/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170106 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170106 Tender Announcement GENERAL ENGINEERING SERVICES 6/08/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170124 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170124 Tender Announcement Well Pads construction (The Fifth Batch) 7/08/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170043-1 Tender Re-Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170043-1 Tender Re-Announcement TECHNICAL PERSONNEL AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICE 23/07/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170128 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170128 Tender Announcement New Garden Construction in Al-Meethak District 23/07/2017
CMIT-PRT-10.30-170123 Tender Announcement CMIT-PRT-10.30-170123 Tender Announcement PARKING SHEDS, PUMP ROOM AND SECURITY LIGHTING SYSTEM CONSTRUCTION 2/08/2017