Tender Announcement

CNOOC Iraq Limited, a company existing under the laws of British Virgin Islands, acting as lead contractor of the Technical Service Contract for Missan Oil Fields entered into by and between Missan Oil Company, TP Missan Limited and Iraqi Drilling Company, is pleased to make the following public tender announcement:

1. Tender details: 

Tender Title

Electrical Projects in Amarah City

Tender Number


Basic Information

Electrical Projects in Amarah City

Tender Fee

USD 100 (ITT documents can be downloaded for free, but tender fee USD 100 is required on or before Tenderer submits tender proposals, and Tenderer should provide the receipt of tender fee together with its proposal)

Tender Closing Date

17:30, on or before 25 March, 2019 (Baghdad Time)

Contact email

Faheddahhak@cmitfod.com; FaridKhussainov@cmitfod.com; Aiten@cmitfod.com; MohamedFethi.M@cmitfod.com; ahmadkinan@cmitfod.com


ITT documents and all Bulletins during the tender period will be published on the following website:



User name: contractor

Password: contractor


The user name and password for access ITT are prohibited to change by Tenderer.


2.         Tenderer shall be obligated to provide bidding documents in accordance with international practice. The Tenderer will be disqualified provided that it fails to provide bidding documents in accordance with international practice. The bidding documents provided should strictly follow the requirement of ITT. The information below is the Key Items:

1.      Scope of Business must be related to the scope of work of this ITT.

2.      Legal Entity and Qualification of the Tenderer.

3.      Bid Proposal Period of Validity shall be 180 Days from the Bid Closing Date.

4.      Bid proposals are in properly sealed condition

5.      Bid Bond submission.

6.      Cover Letter signed and stamped by the Tenderer (as per the Section 2 Proposal Contents and Forms, Attachment 2A: Proposal Format of Cover Letter).

7.       Price proposal is put separately from Technical & Commercial proposal.  

8.      Tenderer should have own valid certificates including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and these certificates should contain the IAF logo. The certificates from parent company or same group are not acceptable.


3.         Contact Information

All interested companies shall submit all the required tender documents to Iraq Office on or before Tender Closing Time (only for submission of tender proposals).

Iraq Office:

·            Contact person: Mr. Farid Khussainov / Mr. Fahed Dahhak / Mr. Aiten Buranov / Mr. Mohamed Fethi Merakeb/ Ahmad Kinan Al-Jajeh

·            Office Tel: +861084527122 (with voice prompt) +7 +Extension: 6240

The Bid Bond must be presented to Company in a separated and sealed envelope and duly marked and stamped on outer envelope.

Tender Fee is required only for the Tenderer who decides to submit Tender Proposals, and the invoice shall be received at Contact Emails before submitting Tender Proposals. Failure to do so may lead to rejection. Payment can be in cash or T/T to our financial department:

Dubai office:

·         Contact person: Ms. Feng Lin

·         E-mail: fenglin@cnoociraq.com

·         Address: Room 3100, 7WB, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E.

Iraq Office:

·         Contact person: Mr. Jiangang Xu /Mr. Xinlu Hu

·         Tel: 009647822710260 (Mr. Jiangang Xu), 009647816897024 (Mr. Xinlu Hu)

·          E-mail: xujg@cnoociraq.com / huxl@cnoociraq.com  

·         Address: CNOOC Buzurgan camp, Missan

4.         This announcement is made both in English and in Arabic, if there is any discrepancy, the English version shall prevail.