To become a regionally effective world - class energy company meeting Turkey 's oil and natural gas demand and to be the most desired company to work with.

To bring out oil and natural gas potential of Turkey and provide them for the use of Turkish economy, supply new sources of income via international activities and play an effective role in the energy sector by also actively participating in Turkey's process of being an Energy Corridor.

Effectiveness and efficiency
Teamwork and communication
Openness to change and innovativeness
Environmental awareness
Employee satisfaction
Share of responsibility, knowledge, experience and delegation
Reliability and honesty.


TPAO was founded in 1954 by Law No. 6327 with the responsibility of being involved in hydrocarbon exploration, drilling, production, refinery and marketing activities as Turkey's national company. Until 1983, as an integrated oil company, it was engaged in all the activity fields of oil industry from exploration to production, refinery, marketing and transportation. Today, TPAO is a national oil company involved in merely upstream (exploration, drilling, well completion and production) sector.


TPAO was structured as having its Headquarter in Ankara and also 3 District Managements in Batman, Thrace and Adıyaman with over 4.000 employee throughout Turkey and its branch offices abroad. To ensure energy security supply of the country, TPAO conducts its international activities especially in Caspian Region, North Africa and Middle East. In this context, TPAO carries out its exploration and production activities in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Libya. TPAO is also in contact with Syria, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Iraq, Egypt, Russia and Algeria to initialize new projects.


TPAO has three core activities in the oil sector

Exploration, Drilling, Well Completion and Production

Natural Gas Storage

Oil Trade and Transportation (TPIC, TPAO Subsidiary)

Participation to Crude Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Projects