Serial No. No. Name Closing Date
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230019 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230019 Tender Announcement 20" Casing Purchase For Y2024-Y2025
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230069 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230069 Tender Announcement Purchase instrument spare parts for BUT New Projects
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230016 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230016 Tender Announcement Purchase Instrument Tools for New Workshop
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230074 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230074 Tender Announcement Purchase Pipe Fittings
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230056 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230056 Tender Announcement Chemicals for WTP
CMIT-PRT-10.30-220102 CMIT-PRT-10.30-220102 Tender Announcement Completion Tools and Associated Service Purchase
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230063 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230063 Tender Announcement Purchase Dual Mechanical Seal and Flush System for SPX Water Injection Pump
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230058-1 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230058-1 Tender Re-Announcement Long Term Supply of Lubricant for Power Plant
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230073 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230073 Tender Announcement 20,000 Cubic Meter Demulsifier
CMIT-PRT-10.30-220119-1 CMIT-PRT-10.30-220119-1 Tender Announcement Long Term Office Supplies Purchase
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230059 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230059 Tender Announcement Purchase Integrity Spare Parts for New DGS and water injection station
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230067 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230067 Tender Announcement Long Term Supply of Lubricants (3 Years)
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230052 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230052 Tender Announcement FIRE TRUCKS
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230062 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230062 Tender Announcement Firefighting Equipment, Materials And Tools
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230046 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230046 Tender Announcement Material For Camp Daily Operation And Maintenance (On-Call)
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230058 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230058 Tender Announcement Long Term Supply of Lubricant for Power Plant
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230045 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230045 Tender Announcement PURCHASING FOUR SUV AND SIX PICKUPS
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230044 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230044 Tender Announcement Purchase 3 Fuel Tankers and 1 Water Tanker
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230043 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230043 Tender Announcement Purchase Electrical Spare Parts, Tools and Equipment
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230041 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230041 Tender Announcement Electrical Tool Purchase
CMIT-PRT-10.30-220086-1 CMIT-PRT-10.30-220086-1 Tender Announcement HYUNDAI Bus Maintenance Spare Parts and Services
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230037 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230037 Tender Announcement VOLVO, MAN and SANY Equipment Maintenance Material
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230012 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230012 Tender Announcement Devices and Chemicals for BUT
CMIT-PRT-10.30-230029 CMIT-PRT-10.30-230029 Tender Announcement Purchase Light Vehicle and Battery Car Vehicles Maintenance Spare Parts
CMIT-PRT-10.30-220079 CMIT-PRT-10.30-220079 Tender Announcement Purchase Heavy Mobile Workshop